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Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (February, 2020)

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2020/2/29 Photobook “LUNA”

Everyone, bonduu! I am Luna-shi!!!
I am writing my blog after a while!!

On Feb. 27th, I released my first photobook “LUNA”!!
It is my photobook for the first time in my life. I am very happy!

Because it is the first photobook, I would like for you to feel atmosphere that is different from that of usual Luna-shi and I made the this photobook with a extreme freedom!.

Consulting about clothes, makeup, and situation with Namikyi or Akio Futaki-san who have taken care of me since the fashion magazine “KERA”, we increase its degree of hentai (This hentai do not have a strong meaning)

The unique first photobook as if you who watch this photobook becomes an observer.

This time, other than photos, poems that are suitable for the world of photos and written by Luna-shi for the photobook are included.
There are gimmicks in the poems such as we can read a poem with a mirror so that we can enjoy it in many points!
It is a photobook that you can deeply love every millimeter of it.

More sample photos: https://lineblog.me/harunaluna/archives/1062448334.html

New single: “PEACE!!!”

2020年 るな氏ニュース


2020/1/1 のツイート:あけましておめでとう🎍この1年が、みんなにとってPEACE!!!な1年になりますように✌️💫💫💫✨


1/11 ログイン!アニパ★ Sound Lab mole (サイト内記事)


2/8 第5回 L-67 るな充☆ステーションFCイベント 春奈るな Talk & Live ~地球上で一番楽しいことはなあに?…るな充すること!!!~ Shibuya Glad (サイト内記事)
2/8 春奈るな PREMIUM LIVE 2020 “PEACE!!! Forever” Shibuya Glad (サイト内記事)
2/23 「PEACE!!!」発売記念予約イベント 14:00 – 神奈川県・タワーレコード川崎店 (サイト内記事)
2/24 月・祝 「PEACE!!!」発売記念予約イベント 14:00 – 東京都・新星堂サンシャインアルタ (サイト内記事)
2/24 月・祝 「PEACE!!!」発売記念予約イベント 19:00 – 東京都・タワーレコード錦糸町 店内イベントスペース (サイト内記事)
2/27 「春奈るな1stフォトブック LUNA」発売 (サイト内記事)
2/29 「PEACE!!!」発売記念予約イベント 13:00 – 東京都・新宿マルイメン 8Fイベントスペース (サイト内記事)

Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (November, 2019)

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2019/11/19 blessing days

I enjoyed the one-man live concert on Nov. 16th!!!
About 2 hours.
It passed instantly and I felt as if the period was twenty minutes.
I really enjoyed it so as to forget time!!

The set list is as follows. JaJan (sound to release something)!

Luna Haruna LIVE 2019 “blessing days”
Day of concert: Nov. 16 (Sat.), 2019. Open: 16:30. Start: 17:00
Set List

M01. Stella Breeze
M02. I WANNA Electromagnetic DO
M03. AI wo UTAE
M04. Momoiro Typhoon
M05. Koiseyo Otome (Girls, love someone.)
M06. Beautiful Sentiment
M07. Sora ha Takaku Kaze ha Utau
M08. Crousel
M09. Lupa and Aries
M10. Sakura Iro Diary
M11. Colorful.
M12. Akatuki ga Sugirumade (Until dawn has passed.)
M13. snow drop
M14. Overfly
M15. Startear
M16. PURPLE LOVE (Solo Version)
M17. glory days

EN2. Seisyun (youth) Princess
EN3. Kimi Iro Signal

I really thank all Luna-jus attending the concert. ♡♡♡♡♡
I also appreciate the flowers!!!!

The illustration is very cute this time also. ♡

I was very happy because Luna-jus touched Luna-shi’s sound while enjoying, being delighted, and sometimes shedding tears.

The dress was made by
It was JSK of Asian taste, and many ribbons are attached so that every detail of it is cute.

And the title of this live concert was “blessing days”
It comes from the image of “Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata”.
Truly, blessing software X glory days.
I stuffed much and much thought of thanks to Saekano.

To this live concert, many people who love Saekano came and I could see people who wore T-shirts of their favorite Heroine so that I am relieved. ♡
I wish my songs reached to Eriri and her friends. ♡

After all, music and live concert are wonderful!!
And, as I announced during the live concert, it has been decided that I will perform a premium live on Feb. 8, 2020, next year!!!

The web page for the concert and the event (In Japanese)

In noon we have a FC event and in night we have a premium live concert!
We can do much Luna-ju!!!!!

Although I also have many things that I want to inform to you, it is quite a while to release them.

Please wait it with shivering.

Luna-ju is wonderful!!!!!

Site list for “glory days”

Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (October, 2019)

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2019/10/31 After all, Eriri is my waifu forever

Original Blog (To increase its PVs, please click here)

After all, Eriri is my waifu forever

Although today is the sixth day after Movie version “Saenai Heroin no Sodatekata Fine”, have you seen the movie????

Yesterday Luna-shi watched it for the second time!!

Really it is wonderful.

I cried this time also as if my face was collapsed.

I think (as follows) every time when I watch this movie.

I am very happy because I can related to the work.

And, it is really successful to support Eriri.

Eriri’s thought is sweet sorrow and adorable
so that tears cannot stop.
After all, Eriri is my waifu forever.

I should go watching the movie. (Sincere face)


And the other day, I go around the holy places of “Saekano” for the interview of SPICE-san.

To be honest, it was the first time for me to visit the places!

I surprised because the slope is steeper what that I imagined!

By the way, it is nice to go around the holy places.
Here, Aki-kun and Megumi met for the first time. And.
Aki-kun is strong because I can go down this slope by a bicycle. And.
Here, Eriri was. Haa, Haa, I love her. And so on.
I feel again that the holy places are places where we can feel the 2D world and characters with more reality and by skin!


And, at SPICE-san, I talk much about “Saekano” and its theme song “glory days”!
Because it contains many photos, please check it without fail!
Thank you very much for the many impressions in the comment area of YouTube. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

2019/10/19 Fifth batch of LUNAMARIA!

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Everyone, bonduu! I am Luna-shi!!

From the other day, the rental of dresses in the fifth batch of LUNAMARIA has started!!
I continuously presented them by five types of dresses for each batch, and finally I have the presented the fifth batch!
Therefore, there are 25 types of dresses of LUNAMARIA in theworld.
I am very happy

Dresses in this batch are also unique and stuffing “KAWAII” and particularity.

[Taisho (a name of Japanese era) Roman]
Hakama dress!

Bouquet is a folding fan!

How wonderful it is that it is a two-way dress and becomes a green dress when we take off its over-dress!!!


[Ribbon of Angel

[Dress of musical score]

Can you see a faint musical score?
I put a white piano on my head!!!

And of course, the white dress that I put on in the CD jacket and MV of “glory days” is also included in the lineup!

[Fairy of Flower]

Because I explain them in a program “Sanserumo presents Wedding Ceremony is in Loves”, please watch it without fail!!!

I wish dresses of LUNAMARI become dresses that make your dream come true.

Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (September, 2019)

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2019/9/26 Have you watched the MV of “glory days”?

Original Blog (To increase its PVs, please click here)

The MV of “glory days” that will be released on Oct. 23th has been finally opened!!
Have you already watched it?

This time I wear a white dress of the fifth batch of LUNAMARIA that Luna-shi produce!

Haori (short Japanese overgarment) with the 3/4 sleeves of tulle material is very cute.
Many flowers are attached to its details so that it is a dress linking to the music.

This time, I would like for you to pay attention to the followings!!!

Luna-shi with bobbed hair!!!!
This time, I tried to wear a bobbed wig!
Because the image of Megume is bobbed hair and we think it is interesting to imitate her, I tried it!!
It is the first time to use bobbed hair in MV. I became nervous.

The MV of this time was taken by outdoors.
Although cicadase were chirping and it was very hot, it become a fantabulistic MV with a magnificent view of the world.
When I looked upward, I could see sky. MV taking while I was feeling wind. Those are wonderful.

MV stuffed tightly by the view of the world of “glory days”!
Please enjoy the MV without fail!!!!

Because we can hear until the second chorus by the released MV, please pay attention to its lyrics!!!
The second chorus absolutely contains titles of OP and ED until now randomly.

And the dates, times, and contents of the reservation events of “glory days” have been decided!
For its details, please see the following page:

Because mini live concerts will be held, please attend the event!
Let’s do many Luna-jus.

Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (August, 2019)

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2018/8/7 Live concert!! And a new song “Carousel”

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Everyone, bonduu! I am Luna-shi!
Although we have hot days continuously, how are you!
Luna-shi spend such days healthy while drinking much beverage every day \\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////.

We had a one-man live concert after a while!
I really enjoyed it!
Time had past instantly although it consists of daytime and night sessions.
I thank Luna-jus attending to the live concert!
I also thank Luna-jus who could not attend the concert and gave me messages that cheered me. (Dogeza (kneeling on the ground))

At this time, the set list consisted of not only “Lupa and Aries” and “Carousel”, two songs in the series of the second creation of nursery tales but also songs in albums and coupling songs that excite us.
Because its title is “gastronomie of Lupa and Aries”, I started the both sessions of the live concert by “MONSTER” of which theme is a monster that eats love!
Its composer Kyosuke Shigenaga is the same as that of “Carousel”!
And the first song in encore is “DESSERT” that related to food. This set list is very particular about the content.

The hall was very hot!!!
We were very excited!!!
I sweated very much!!
The floor for audience got wed by sweat.
I was excited even from my center of heart because I found I could spend such exciting and happy time with you.

And this time.
Tami-chan (Mishumi-shi) who has been a friend of mine from an elementary school took photos of Taya-shi (Luna-shi)!!!

I am excited by the photos of which angles are different from usual ones.
They are only smart.
The photos taken by Tami-chan are very wonderful because I can recall the heat and thought at the live concert. Thank you very much.

And Mido-chin (Midori Fukazawa-chan) and Tsukasa-chan who always takes care of me at the hair salon “apish” attended the live concert. ♡♡

Mido-chin present me hair cares. ♡
I am very happy!! I thank them very much!!!!!!

The flowers from Luna-jus also!
I am happy. Thank you very much!!!!!!

The cute flowers as always and two-dimensional Luna-shi!!
The strongest and the best.
Luna-jus have wonderful senses.
I love all Luna-jus very much so that I am Happy Luna-shi.
I really thank you.

I really have thankfulness everyday. Although I can say only usual words, I would like to give my gratitude to all related to me. Thank you!!! (lack of vocabulary)

And, what happy I am, the next one-man live concert has been decided!!!
I made it!!!
The date is November 16th (Sat.)
Because advanced reception of ticket for FC members has started, please attend it without fail!!!!!

(The page for the live concert on Nov. 11th)

Let’s spend a wonderful time together. \\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////


My new song “Carousel” that I sang at the one-man live concert firstly and we released by Internet on 2nd in this month!
This music is a music inspired by “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”!

In MV, you can see 5 types of Luna-shi including dark Alice and using 4 clothes of MelodyBasKet-san!

At first, Alice! (Before being dark)

And rabbit!
MeloBas-san made the ears of rabbit!!

A hat seller and trump soldiers.

And Cheshire cat!
MeloBas-san also made these ears of cat!
I thank them very much!!!

Because these one-pieces will be sold, please check them!

(Link to the page of MelodyBasket-san)

“Carousel” is very suitable for a live concert or to sing it in a live concert is more enjoyable!!!!
I am happy because I can add a song to my repertory that excites me.

From now, I put me in gear and I push forward!!!
I am sorry because I have Luna-jus wait!!!
Because I have many thing that I want to tell you, I am inpatient to inform them. Please wait for them with shuddering until I can tell them!!!!!

(The page of links where “Carousel” is sold. )

Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (July, 2019)

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7/14 Mewtwo Strikes Back. Caution for spoilers!

Original Blog (To increase its PVs, please click here)

Hi! I am Luna-shi!!!
The other day, we watched “Pokémon:Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION”!

I remember clearly that twenty one years age, we went to a movie theater with my mother to watch “Pokémon:Mewtwo Strikes Back!”.
I watched it with my mother together while I cried. I miss the day.
What wonderful it is that after twenty one years, I can watch the movie again!
Furthermore, it is its evolved version.!!!
After its release was decided, I though I will absolutely watch the movie on its release day.


From here I will describe spoilers so that please be careful about it.


The first movie I watch for the first time in my life is “Pokémon:Mewtwo Strikes Back!”.
Although I have memory that I felt fear and anger against Mewtwo because it attacked Pokémon s and its trainers and I wondered why you did such things!
However, when I got older and watched the movie again, the feelings and what were different.
Mewtow and its friends feel sadness because they are born by being created and they might be fighting while searching the reason why they are born and proofs of existence so that I became sad and fluttered, and had a hearttrending emotion.



Every breathing thing is a living creature
It is no matter how it was born.
I felt that I received a strong thought that we have to cherish that we are born and we are living and the most valuable thing is to be alive.
For brief, what Luna-shi want to say!!!! is that Team Rocket is great!!!!!!! (It is too sadden.)

I love Pokémon that gave me many memories and worlds full of dreams from now on!


I am looking forward to “Sword” and “Shield” that will be released in November.
Although I am going to by both, I am hard today too because I like Onion-kun limited to “Shield” very much.
Why it is so cute.
It is beyond rules.

By the way, when I listened to “Fantasy in Pocket” after a while, I couldn’t stop shedding tears.
Luna-jus who have listened it in childhood, please listen to it.
Songs of Pokémon are wonderful.

7/3 The movie of “Saekano”

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Bondu! I am Luna-shi!

It is decided that I will sing the theme song of the movie “”Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata (How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend) Fine “!

I am so happy.
It is the last chapter.
I am sad because it will finish.
But I am happy.
Ha, my Eriri.

As I described, many kinds of feelings come to me.
But I feel that it is the happiest matter that my singing voice is added to the movie for the last chapter of Saekano.
I really appreciate it.

At this time, I will corporate with Misora Sawai-san who sang “Colorful” that is the ending theme song of the first season of “Saekano”, and I will sing the song that Sawai-san compose.

I cannot stop being nervous and excited!
Because in order to bring a song that is suitable for the last chapter of “Saekano” to you, we make it with our best, please look forward to it.

Because the title includes ‘Fine’, will it really finish?
But there is a possibility to release OVA!
There are hope for sequels!!!
Anyway, I am looking forward to the activities by Eriri very much!!!

Why Eriri-tan is so cute?
She has blonde hair with unbraided pig tails
I would like for her to strike me by her pig tails.

Saekano is a supreme work that produced such attractive characters, isn’t it.
I have many memories about the work.

Here, I recall songs of Saekano by Luna-shi!

At first “Kimiiro Singal” that is the opening theme for the first season of TV series!

It is popular song for youth.
We can be cheerful only by listing to it.
“Insensitive you” in its lyric seems to be Aki-kun.
I really envy the position of Aki-ku who are at the mercy of cute heroines. (Issues has been shifted.)

By the way, in MV you can see four types of Luna-shi having various school style!!
My recommendation, “supporting Luna-shi” is scientific Luna-shi in white coat.

And “Stella Breeze” for the opening theme for the second season of TV series!

It was the first song for me to write the full part of its lyric.
The sound as if we can feel light wind is impressive.

To chase a dream is not full of pleasant things.
But while I was wishing that their distress and tears bring excitement of someone who has a work by blessing software, I described the song.

And the audience at live concerts even in foreign countries excited by “Kimiiro Signal” and “Stella Breeze”!
It become a song that they sing with me and show me many

At the live concert in Malaysia, last month, the audience were excited by “Kimiiro Singal”!

var_mobile_Media_DCIM_128APPLE_IMG_8687 (In Malaysia)

The thoughts of Aki-kun, Megumi, etc. reach to many people beyond borders.

I really and really happy because I can have relations with such a work that many people love.
Therefore, I am going to sing the next song carefully and carefully.

The movie “”Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata (How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend) Fine “!
I feel the day, October 26th is far!
I am very happy if you look forward to the song as well as the movie.

Let’s watch together the attitude of Aki-ku and his friends to chase their dream!

Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (June, 2019)

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6/16 The release of “Lupa and Aries” has started!!

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Hello! I’m Luna-shi!

Finally on June 7th, the day of Luna, the release of a new single limited to Internet distribution, “Lupa and Aries” has started!!!

Supper high speed hyper jazz!
Extraordinary smart.
Its lyrics and sound are somewhat mature and mysterious!

Luna-shi listening to the sound seriously.


Fujita-san and Oda-san in TRI4TH, Koike-san in MORE THE MAN provided very charming sound of brass instruments.

They put their heart and soul into every sound.
While recording the sound of instruments, I continuously got gooseflesh.
It is really wonderful.

The photo-taking was also joyful.

Photo were taken in such a fashionable studio!

The clothes were the most sexy in my laive!!!!!
They took many photo!!!!

Not Luna-shi but a female wolf, Lupa-shi!

Because many photos are used in the MV, please watch MV without fail!!

I am looking forward to sing LupaAri in a live concert very much!!!

Because the advanced acceptance of tickets for FC members started on the other day.



Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (May, 2019)

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5/28 Tsuna Natsuna-san is summoned!!!!!

Original Blog (To increase its PVs, please click here)

Yesterday, I had a photo taking of Melody BasKet-san. \\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////
Mii-chan and Yui-chan were together!
I enjoyed it.

I was excited when I wore a vitamin-colored cloth.
(I forgot to put on a ribbon belt…)


By wearing a strawberry JSK with shoulder ribbon like a summer dress and a straw hat, I summoned Tsuna Natsuna-san!!!

Summer is wonderful!!!
I put color contacts after a long time!!!
I would like enjoy summer as early as I can!!!

After the photo taking, they presented a new item of Emily Temple cute-sama, “sweetie jam” of “Strawberry eau de toilette”! Its bottle is very cute!!
Its smell is fruity and floral.

And this time, I reserved “Citron soda dress” of Melody BasKet-san that I have been considering!!!
I am looking forward to its arrival.

This summer, I am going to apply vitamin color very much.

2019年 るな氏ニュース


2019./11/1 のツイート:あけましておめでとうございます🎍✨2019年も全力でるな充しようね!!!!!✨✨


1/2 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
1/9 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
1/12 「FANTASIA ANNIVERSARY LIVE 2019」出演 豊洲PIT (サイト内記事)
1/16 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
1/23 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
1/23 「Lost In Music」出演 ポップアップスペース,ニューヨーク (サイト内記事)
1/30 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)


2/3 「Music of Dreams!」ゲスト出演 FMひたち,16:00-18:00 (サイト内記事)
2/13 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
2/20 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
2/27 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)


3/6 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
3/13 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
3/20 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)
3/27 ニッポン放送「春奈るな るなティック・ワールド」(21:00-21:20)(サイト内記事)


5/2 るな氏のSHOWROOM配信 20:00 (サイト内記事)


6/6 るな氏のSHOWROOM配信 20:00 (サイト内記事)
6/7 「ルパとアリエス」配信限定リリース(サイト内記事)
6/8 I LOVE ANISONG Matsuri Malaysia 2019 Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (サイト内記事)


8/1 るな氏のSHOWROOM配信 20:00 (サイト内記事)
8/2 「回転木馬」配信限定リリース(サイト内記事)
8/4 春奈るな PREMIUM LIVE 2019 “ルパとアリエスのgastronomie(美食学)” SHIBUYA TAKE OFF 7 (サイト内記事)
8/21 劇場版「冴えない彼女の育てかた Fine」夏の大発表祭り!出演 Youtube等 (22:00-)(サイト内記事)
8/24 春奈るな Talk & Live ~ハラジュク ルナティック コレクション~ 原宿ストロボカフェ (サイト内記事)


9/21 802 Palette FM802(「カラフル。」のフルサイズオンエア) (サイト内記事)
9/25 るな氏のSHOWROOM配信 20:00 (サイト内記事)
9/25 特別記念特番~冴えない映画の届けかた~(コメント出演) TOKYO MX,BS11,群馬TV,とちぎTV (24:30-25:00) (サイト内記事)
9/28 802 Palette FM802(「glory days」のフルサイズオンエア) (サイト内記事)


10/4 「BILIBILI WORLD上海」出演 上海新国際博覧中心 (サイト内記事)
10/6 ニューEP「glory days」予約イベント 13:00 – 神奈川県・たまプラーザテラス (サイト内記事)
10/8 三森すずことアニソンパラダイス 16:40 -18:00, NHK-FM (サイト内記事)
10/10 キラメキ ミュージック スター 18:00-20:00,NACK5 (サイト内記事)
10/10 東京ボナパルト Vol.10 春奈るな (サイト内記事)
10/11 「LUNAMARIA」第5弾ドレス レンタルスタート (サイト内記事)
10/12 台風19号のため,キャンセルになりました ニューEP「glory days」予約イベント 3:00 – 東京都・ソフマップAKIBA①号店 (サイト内記事)
10/13 台風19号のため,キャンセルになりました ニューEP「glory days」予約イベント 13:00 – 千葉県・ららぽーとTOKYO BAY (サイト内記事)
10/14 ニューEP「glory days」予約イベント 13:00 – 東京都・エンタバアキバ (サイト内記事)
10/17 「鷲崎健のヨルナイト×ヨルナイト」ゲスト出演 超A&G+,24:00 – 25:00 (サイト内記事)
10/19 「サンセルモ presents 結婚式は あいのなか で」出演 文化放送 超!A&G+,14:30-15:00 (サイト内記事)
10/19 「アニソンラバーズ」出演 BSフジ,24:30 -24:55 (サイト内記事)
10/20 ニューEP「glory days」予約イベント 13:00- 東京都・タワーレコード町田 (サイト内記事)
10/20 「Love music」コメント出演 フジテレビ系列,26:00 – 29:00 (サイト内記事)
10/22 「glory days」リリース記念発売週イベント 14:00 – 東京都・エンタバアキバ (サイト内記事)
10/22 「なちょこチャンネル」(Youtube)にゲスト出演 (サイト内記事)
10/22 春奈るな~『冴えない彼女の育てかた』シリーズコンプリートEP~「glroy days」発売直前生放送SP NicoNico 生放送 (サイト内記事)
10/23 glory days (『冴えない彼女の育てかた』シリーズコンプリートEP リリース)(サイト内記事)New!
10/23 「glory days」リリース記念発売週イベント 19:00 – 東京都・SHIBUYA TSUTAYA (サイト内記事)
10/24 「glory days」リリース記念発売週イベント 19:00 – 東京都・アニメイト池袋本店 (サイト内記事)
10/25 「glory days」リリース記念発売週イベント 19:00 – 東京都・アニメイト秋葉原本館 (サイト内記事)
10/26 劇場版『冴えない彼女の育てかたFine』舞台あいさつ 新宿バルト9 (サイト内記事)
10/26 「サンセルモ presents 結婚式は あいのなか で」出演 文化放送 超!A&G+,14:30-15:00 (サイト内記事)
10/26 「glory days」リリース記念発売週イベント 16:00 – 東京都・ソフマップAKIBA①号店 8Fマップ劇場 (サイト内記事)
10/26 「A&Gリクエストアワー 阿澄佳奈のキミまち!」ゲスト出演 文化放送,19:00 – 21:00 (サイト内記事)
10/27 「glory days」リリース記念発売週イベント 13:00 – 大阪府・アニメイト大阪日本橋 (サイト内記事)
10/27 「glory days」リリース記念発売週イベント 18:00 – 愛知県 (サイト内記事)
10/27 「亜咲花 Animetick Night」ゲスト出演 CBCラジオ,3:30 – 3:59 (サイト内記事)
10/28 「#funday」生出演 @FM,11:30 – 13:00 (サイト内記事)


11/2 「glory days」リリース記念発売後イベント 14:00 – 東京都・ 新星堂サンシャインアルタ店(サイト内記事)
11/3 「アニソン!プレミアム!」出演 NHK BS プレミアム,22:50 – 23:20 (サイト内記事)
11/4 「glory days」リリース記念発売後イベント 14:00 – 北海道・HMV札幌ステラプレイス (サイト内記事)
11/8 「アニゲー☆イレブン!」ゲスト出演 BS11,22:30 – 23:00 (サイト内記事)
11/9 「リスアニ!LIVE BEIJING」出演 中国国際展覧中心 (サイト内記事)
11/16 春奈るな LIVE 2019 “blessing days” Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE (サイト内記事)
11/24 喉の不調により中止となりました。「glory days」リリース記念発売後イベント 14:00 – 神奈川県・川崎ラ チッタデッラ 中央噴水広場(サイト内記事)
11/30 「glory days」リリース記念発売後イベント 14:00 – 東京都・昭島モリタウン 東館1F光の広場(サイト内記事)


12/1 「glory days」リリース記念発売後イベント 14:00 – 福岡県・HMV&BOOKS HAKATA 店内イベントスペース(サイト内記事)
12/7 「glory days」リリース記念発売後イベント 15:30 – 東京都・タワーレコード渋谷店(サイト内記事)
12/23 「沼にハマって聞いてみた」の「アニソン×クリスマスSP」回にゲスト出演 NHK Eテレ 18:55 – 19:50(サイト内記事)
12/25 歌物語 LP BOX (「歌物語」、2019年リリース「歌物語2」の全曲を収録したLPBOX)

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