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Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (June, 2017)

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6/27 Thank you very much for release events and listing session ?

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Bonduu! My name is Luna-shi!!!
I could enjoy the release event week because I can do Luna-ju match!!
When I meet you, I am naturally filled with power!!
I am really happy because I can see you, talk with you, laugh together, and taste delicious foods…!
Since we will still have release events, please come and see me by all means. ?
I am waiting for you every time. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I performed the “LUNARIUM” listing session on twitter the other day!!!!
Thank you very much for Luna-ju attending the session. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
It was very nice to listen together the same music at the same time!!!!! It enjoyed it very much!!!!
The time had passed very fast…
Anyway, I talked about the album as much as you may thought it is too much!
(I am sorry for bothering you by my TL…)

MIX of my new album “LUNARIUM”, into which I put my thought, was done in the wonderful room shown in the following photo. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

The photo with an engineer, Mr. Toshiro Kai. ?

I strongly wish many people listen to the album!
and it reach not only to ears but also to heart.

6/24 Nicoradi (radio on nicovideo.jp) and Nya-chan (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

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Everyone, Bonduu (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Yesterday, I had a release event of “LUNARIUM” in nico nico head office!
Before the release event, I appeared on a live program of Nicoradi!
I enjoyed it with you watching over me. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
It was a pleasant time talking about my favorite foods etc. ?

And! At the mini-live, I sang “MONSTER” for the first time!!!
Thank you very much for your shout to me!
It would be nice if it becomes a regular song at lives. ♪

And!! How wonderful it is!!!
Nya Hoshino, a member of Mousou Calibration attended to the event as a customer. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))!

I was super pleased. ?
She was pretty yesterday too. ?
She wore a one-piece dress of green that is my symbol color. ?
She came onto the stage, joined to the talk a little, watched the mini-live, and attended the autograph event after those…!
I was very happy…

She gave me a present. ?

They were Manuka honey and propolis candy!
Thank you, uuu (the sound of weeping)…

The message card is very pretty too… ?I love it…

I will go and see you on Saturday and Sunday while taking care of my throat by honey presented by Nya-chan. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Today! I have a release event at Nagoya!
From 18:00, at the event space of HMV Sakae, I will perform mini-live and autograph session signing on the jacket!
What will I sing today?
I will absolutely eat the Aka-miso (red soybean paste) curry! served at Coco-ichi in Yaba-cho!!!!

And after that, from 24 o’clock, I will start a listing session of “LUNARIUM” on twitter. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
What we have to prepare are only “LUNARIUM” and twitter account! The two are enough!!
When it will be 24 o’clock, let’s tweet with the following hash tag
#今るな氏とLUNARIUMを聴いてますぞ (Now, I am listing to LUNARIUM with Luna-shi)
and talk with each other while playing “LUNARIUM” by a CD player or a smart phone to listen to “LUNARIUM”!

I will tweet my though for the songs and secrete stories at recording. ?
Since I will reply to tweets from attendances, by all means!, please attend the a listing session of “LUNARIUM” from 24 o’clock today!!!

And on Sunday, I will have an autograph session signing on your private thing from 12:00 noon, and from 16:30 I will perform mini-live and an autograph session signing on the CD jacket!
I enjoy every day!!!!!!!!
I am going to do Luna-ju with all my power today also!!!!!!!!

6/19 Live with “MouCari” (“Mousou calibration”)-chan! And the album will be released in the nick of time!

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Everyone, Bonduu!
Yesterday, I performed “Special live by saenai utahime (boring girl singers) ♭”. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Yeal, I really enjoyed it!!
Anyway, it was very heated!!!!!!
I sang almost with lack of oxygen!
It was a wonderful space where I felt such a heat!

As I told in MC yesterday, I thought I was very happy because I could stand on such a stage by connection constructed by “Saekano”.
“Saenai heroine no sodatekata” for which I sang from its first season.
Although its last episode will be on air soon, let’s love “Saekano” with all our power from now on!!!!

In the live, we also performed a collaboration stage with members of “Mousou calibrations”!!!

I remember the dance for “Sakurairo diary” that is a song for “MouCaril-chan!!!
We together sang other songs, “Kimiiro signal” and “Sorairo days” that “icy tail” sang in the last episode of the first season. They express the color of “Saekano”. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
It is much fun to sing by many people.

The smile and voice of people coming to the live and light of pen lights gave power to us and the hall became a very! chaotic! happy space.
Thank you very much ???

At the talk part, because Kiyono Yasuno who is a voice actress of Migumi Kato said “Luna-chan. Make me a happy Luna-ju whom everyone envy” in a pretty voice!, it was an event at which I can have what I wanted as a fun of “Saekano”…(fainting)
Finally, I shook from the center of my body……
I could not help listing to it with straight sitting……
I really appreciate the performance as a reply to my reckless demand…
I make her happy with my all power…!!!!!

In the live house, panels of “Saekano” were displayed.
MC is Naoki Yoshida who is an announcer in Nippon Broadcasting!
As opening acts, the unit of Ayane Fujisaki of “Denpa gumi inc.” and Nya Hoshino of “MouCari” named “Nyapinn” and the unit of Risa Aizawa of “Denpa gumi inc.” and Usa Sakurano of “MouCari” named “LAVILITH” performed, it was an event that was luxury and have shortened the distance our minds.

The heat and shout of joy from the hall fulfilled by audience made me very happy.
We want to have such a live, don’t we!!!!

It is the flying-get-day of the new album “LUNARIUM”!!!!
The time that it finally released to the world will come!!!!!
I cannot wait for the release.
Finally, I can have you listen to it.
The album “LUNARIMU” is fulfilled with my sentiment.
I would like to ask you to receive it!!!!
I never make you regret!!!!!!!!
I listen to it every day!!!!!!!!

Since lyric videos (short ver.) are released continuously, please check them!!

And tomorrow the release events of “LUNARIUM” will start!!
The detail of the events are described in the following page.

Because the joyful events consist of not only mini-live but also of two shot Cheki photo session, autograph session signing onto a private thing, delivering poster, etc., please come and do Luna-ju!!!

I am waiting for you. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

6/18 Three days until LUNARIUM will be released! And Shibuya Quattro today!

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Everyone, Bonduu!
The other day, the lyric video (short ver.) of a song in “LUNARIUM” titled “Fly Me to the Moon” is released in advance. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

The photos used in the video are newly taken in Hawaii where I went for “Kawaii Kon” in April. My photo wearing swim suit is recorded in the end of video. Have you already watched it? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

The story of “Fly Me to the Moon” describes a girl who loves a clerk in a café. ?
A very lovely lyrics with a tune like 80’s is very heart-pounding. ?
Don’t forget to listen to it and watch it!!!!!

After three days, “LUNARIUM” will be released!!!
I would like you to listen the album as soon as possible!!!
Because in the first-run limited edition production recording, a photo book including many photos is contained, I would like to enjoy it with my songs.
I wore an aloha shirt and another swim suit. The photos were taken on a beach and in downtown!

And!!!Finally today!!!
It is the day of “Saenai utahime no special live (special live by boring girl-singers”!!
Since we will perform not only live but also collaboration stage and talk part, the live is full of many contents. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Because tickets sold today are remained, please come to the live by all means!!!
The place is Shibuya Quattro.

I’m waiting for you.

6/14 A week until LUNARIUM will be released!!!

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Everyone, Bonduuu!

It is a week until my 3rd album “LUNARIUM” will be released!!!
That is, seven days!!!!

The lyric videos of “Beautiful sentiment” and “MONSTER” in the album are released in advance.
Have you already watched them?

“Beautiful sentiment” is a song of which majestic theme expresses its view of the world.
In spite that it is speedy, it has a part by luxury string instruments.
It is the most recommendable song in the album!
The photos were taken when jacket photos were taken. They are very dreamy photos taken on water!

“MONSTER” is a MONSTER in heart of a girl that expands by eating feeling of love!
The song is classified to rock but very cute.
Since they were taken in Harajuku and has feelings like “date now”, please watch it!

We are preparing other lyric videos. Please looking forward to them!!!

This album includes not only the two songs but also POP, ROCK, Ballade, dreamy songs, etc. Many songs with various kinds of expressions are recorded!!!!

The previous songs I sang again for this album are also recorded. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

It is an album fulfilled by the view of the world such that we can sink into the world of “LUNARIUM” from the first music “Prologue ?LUNARIUM?”. ?

Every day, I deeply listen to it thinking it is a really wonderful album…..
I would like to distribute it to many people!
And I want for them to do Luna-ju!
By all means, please listen to the album “LUNARIUM” and jump into the dreamy world!!!

In the first-run limited edition production recording, a photo book including photos taken in Hawaii where I went for “Kawaii Con” this April!
It is deluxe and has 48 pages! Please enjoy it with music!

And! The schedule of the release events are announced!
This release event consists of two shot Cheki photo session, autograph session signing onto a private thing, mini-live, etc.!!
They are events where I can communicate with you!!!

Please attend the events!!!!!!

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