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Unofficial Translation of Luna Haruna’s Line Blog (May, 2017)

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5/25 Hokkaido! And Fukuoka!

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Everyone, Bonduu!

At last I intensively enjoy your presents and letters given in Luna-week and at the live on May 2nd and release events. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Those on the photos are a part of them since there are too many present to show here…

I am really grateful for the flower stand and the fifth anniversary banner!!
I add them to my family treasures (with my joy).
Thank you very much for your message from your heart!!!!!!!

In the last weekend, I went to Hokkaido and Fukuoka!

In this time, because I not only did release events but also recorded many radio and TV programs, please wait for and be looking forward to the programs!!

On Saturday and Sunday of this week, we have “MUSIC THEATER” at Saitama Super Arena. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Let’s enjoy music very much.

And today, TV anime ‘Saekano’ will be on air!!!!
I am looking forward to it!! !!!!!

5/10 Major transformation into Snow White, an angel, and a demon!! ?(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))?

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Everyone, Bonduu!!
I spend my days for release events of “Stella Breeze” and recoding new album ‘LUNARIUM’. Do you enjoy single CD “Stella Breeze”?
Because it is a CD of which coupling songs are love songs, I am pleased if you can enjoy all three songs!

By the way, what wondeful, we have completed making the second batch of wedding dresses named ‘LUNAMARIA’ of which designs I produce!!!!
In this time, it also consists of five dresses of wide range!!
The photo were taken in February, and I can finally introduce them to you!
I am happy…

“Blanche-Neige (Show White)”
Its cape is detachable.

“Ange et Diable (angle and demon)”
It is a two-way dress of long and mini, and long is for angle and short is for demon!
A detachable strap with feather is attached on its back, and a crown and a Venetian mask are also included!

“Aigue-marine (aquamarine)”
Its theme is space that is indispensable in my design!
Space plus sea are imaged and it has graduation furyl like wave!
The motif of its neckless is Clione.

“Bulle de savon (soap bubble)”
By its tulle of seven colors, it has airy feeling as if it flies away!
It also has a headset!

“Hyakka Souran (Chaos with many flowers, it has a good meaning.)”
It is my first Japanese-style dress!
I also apply Japanese-style to the tiara and the corsage!
The motif of the skirt is “Uchikake” and a plaited cord is used!

The dress can be rentaled at halls of Suncelmo group.

5/6 Release event & “LUNARIUM”

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Everyone, Bonduu!
I had so many release events continuously that I became excited Luna-shi. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Yesterday, I performed a release event at Tree Village in Sora-machi (sky town) near Sky Tree Tower. ?

I was very happy because I could perform a live at the shop where I often do shopping!!

And today, at “Machi★Asobi (play in town)” in Tokushima prefecture!!!
I had much fun!!!

It is wonderful to perform my live under a fair sky.
Because “Machi★Asobi” is my memorial event at which I performed a live right after my debut, I am very pleased to stand on the stage again at the fifth anniversary of my debut!

There are much audience on the bridge and on the opposite side of the river!!
Thank you very much!!!
The wind blowing through the stage is comfortable, and it is suitable to lyrics of “Stella Breeze”…
I would like to attend “Machi★Asobi” again.

The reservation of the new album had started. Have you already checked it?
The title of the album is “LUNARIUM”!!!
The title is made by combining Luna in my name and Rium such as in Aquarium or Planetarium, and it is an album full of a view of the world!!!!
Taking photos of its jacket had already finished. But a small amount of recording is remained.
I have a confidence that it will be a very wonderful album!!!
Please looking forward to its release.

The photo book in the first-run limited edition production recording will contain a number of my private photos in Hawaii the other day.
It includes my swim-suited photos!
You’re going to love it!

(The following photo is not in the blog but in her Twitter. However, for your convenience the translator puts it on here.)

5/3 The fifth anniversary!!

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Everyone, Bonduuu!
I, Luna Haruna, passed the fifth anniversary of my debut on May 2nd.!
The fifth anniversary live titled Haruna Luna LIVE 2017 “5th anniversary fes.” ?with you?.
I enjoyed it so much. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

To the live, guest artists came and joined. ?

Akira-chan and I sang “Kinki no Gyousei (Rarity of Taboo)” that is a song in “Mahouno Shiro (Castle of Magic)” series created by Machigerita-san and included in the collaboration mini album “S×W EP” sold this February. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))!!

It is the first time to sing it in live!!! Then I was very nervous but I am very happy because I could sing the song with Akira-chan…?

Akira-chan was still like a prince.
We have been friends for over five years as fashion models, I would like to make collaboration on music and other various fields!
I love her very much!!!!!

And with KOTOKO-san, we sang “S×W -soul world-”!

I was pushed on my back by her powerful voice!
She gave me a letter and flower…
I am very pleased…!
I am very grateful to her. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

And member in Mousou Calibrations came and joined to the live. ?
All of them wore a dress with much of pink and cherry blossom so that they are pretty very much…
Song, dance, and all other things are also pretty…
They healed me very much…
Because we will perform a two-man event together in June, I want to see them soon…?

The back sound was also very wonderful!!!!
I do not have an appropriate word to express its wonderfulness in my vocabulary…
It was extremely powerful!! and delicate!!
It was sound that had all aspects…
I was really happy because I could sing songs surrounded by such a sound.

I would like to perform a live with the same members!
I would like to do a live tour also!!!

And and, I am really grateful!!! to all Luna-jus coming the the live, and Luna-jus always supporting me!
Thank you so much!!!
With making our connection stronger, let’s enjoy the sixth year with all our power!!!!
I love you all very much.
I would like to grow with treasuring the trace on which I have walked with you.

From now on we stay together forever!
It is our promise!!

Thank you very much!!!!!!!

5/1 Finally, tomorrow!!!

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Everyone, Bonduu!

Finally, tomorrow!!!
We hold Haruna Luna debut the 5th anniversary live!
I cannot help stopping DokiDoki (nervous) and Wakuwaku (excited)!
Tomorrow, together with every one let’s have a day that we never forget!!!

The hall is Zepp DiverCity (Tokyo)!!
You can flying-get (buy in advance) the new single CD “Stella Breeze” of which formal release date is May 3rd!!!

Let’s do Luna-ju with all our power. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

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