Curry rice

  • CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA?(English page)
    • Luna?worked as a 1-day shop manager for advertisement ?(2015/11/11)
    • Luna‘s favorite choice is vegetable curry, ripe tomato, and flied fish.
      I have had them. The vegetable curry is syrupy (glue-like) rather than thick (It is difficult to express in English). Its taste is plain but spicy and hot. When we add ripe tomato, sourness is added. The taste will apart from normal curry. However, it is tasty in hot days. Flied fish is more suitable ?to vegetable curry than poke cutlet.
    • Special menu “Red miso curry” of Coco Ichibankan in Yaba-chou Nagoya. Her comment:”After about a half year, I can come here. Oh my God. ?(I cried)” (Twitter on 2016/6/18)

      Red-miso curry (2016/6/18)
  • Indian curry (Name of curry shop in Japan)
    • Luna?put an egg on the curry. (I put my head in my hands since I eager to eat Indian curry (Twitter on 2015/5/18),Sweet and hot…put an egg on… (Twitter on 2015/5/18))
    • The type of Indian curry does not seem to be that in India but in UK.


  • Haifuri curry
    • When Luna?reported a festival at Yokosuka in TV program, she ate it. This curry appeared in the anime.


  • ?(Comment by administrator) Curry in Japan
    • In Japan curry comes from UK so that it is a western food. Curry in UK contains lard ?but not in India.
    • Because Japanese navy adopted curry in order to take vegetables.
    • In he Russo‐Japanese war, about 27,800 soldiers of Japanese army died by beriberi due to lack of ?vitamin. Japanese navy adopt curry rice as a nutritionally balanced diet and published its recipe in 1908. We can make curry rice easily and we can take both meat and vegetables from it. Curry rice helped to solve the problem of beriberi.?(Wikipeida?in Japanese)


  • Lunau likes ramen of ShinShin in Hakata. (name of ramen shop) ?(2015/10/24. 2016/6/6)

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  • Luna?likes barikata (very hard) noodle. (Twiter on 2016/6/2のTwitter)


CkUqEcJUkAAKOYR.jpg large


Golden Chocolate


  • Luna?likes Garigari-kun of pear flavor. She said figuratively it was a heirloom. ?(Tweet on 2016/7/10)?
    • Garigari-kun is a shaved ice cover by hard ice. The size of particles of shaved ice is larger than sherbet and smaller than standard shaved ice.

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